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    Vampyr Guide: all the bosses in Vampyr and how to beat them

    For a single participant narrative-driven expertise, Vampyr positive does have a whole lot of boss fights! We have put collectively descriptions of, and techniques for preventing, all the massive bads that Dr. Reid will run into throughout his memorable time as a vampire physician on the streets of London city. This consists of all of the mini-bosses that pop up on the streets, in addition to the massive staged occasions within the sewers or sure buildings – proper as much as the ultimate, endgame boss. It is a one-stop store.

    In the event you’re searching for a information on the common enemies, we have got a kind of too.

    William Bishop

    The place do you combat William Bishop in Vampyr?: In a docks warehouse, on the finish of the primary chapter of the sport and the mission Everlasting Thirst

    The way to combat William Bishop in Vampyr: William Bishop is the primary boss combat within the sport and is actually your introduction to preventing Skals, which suggests your most important enemy is definitely you your self nonetheless determining the fight controls. William assaults like different Skals i.e. along with his claws. The most important hazard he poses is that he’ll often cost at you and should you do not dodge in time he’ll latch on and chunk you, regenerating a few of his well being. Like all Skals, he offers aggravated harm and is immune to melee and ranged assaults, however he should not offer you an excessive amount of hassle. 

    John Doe

    The place do you combat John Doe in Vampyr?: John Doe is lurking within the basement of the outdated morgue on the hospital, which you must go into to get provides for Nurse Crane for the mission Evening Shift.

    The way to combat John Doe in Vampyr: Congratulations on assembly your first Blinker Skal, probably the most annoying enemy within the sport. Ol’ JD is immune to ranged assaults, and is difficult to pay money for as a result of Blinker Skals teleport brief distances across the space. John Doe may also spawn a shadow model of himself when he blinks, which can normally assault from behind you. At any time when he strikes, make a few dodges away from the place you had been standing to keep away from these assaults, and take a look at utilizing a mace (which offers excessive stun harm) to sluggish John Doe down; do not hassle attacking his shadow clones as they disappear by themselves, so simply think about avoiding them. You also needs to make even handed use of any offensive powers you have levelled (Shadow Mist, Blood Spear, and so forth.)

    Sewer Beast

    The place do you combat the Sewer Beast in Vampyr?: The Sewer Beast lives in, uh, the sewers – those close to the hospital. You run into him while following a thug as a part of the A Rat within the Hospital mission

    The way to combat the Sewer Beast in Vampyr: Beasts may also flip up later within the sport, so this man is a heat up. He is immune to melee and blood assaults, and hits fairly exhausting with chained swings of his claws. Fortunately, he telegraphs his assaults, so preserve your distance till he is completed a combo of swings and pauses for a breather. Then you possibly can dodge in and get some hits in your self. We advocate utilizing a two-handed cudgel (which it’s best to have picked up by now) to stun him and deal harm on the similar time. Simply watch out to maintain some stamina left with the intention to dodge again out once more. Weapons are additionally good to sluggish him down, however bear in mind it is exhausting to get sufficient area to reload them when he runs at you.

    Roger ‘The Wall’

    The place do you combat Roger ‘The Wall’ in Vampyr?: He is the final massive combat on Whitechapel Highway earlier than you enter the Whitechapel non-combat zone at the beginning of the Blackmail in Whitechapel mission.

    The way to combat Roger ‘The Wall’ in Vampyr: Though I could not assist however learn his identify as an crucial relatively than a title, one should not take Roger without any consideration as a straightforward win – though he should not offer you an excessive amount of hassle both. Roger is a Brawler, so he can block your assaults with the protect on his forearm, soaks up a whole lot of harm, and offers a whole lot of harm along with his shotgun and common punching. Cope with the scrubs round Roger first after which dodge round to keep away from his assaults. Beautiful him is an effective way to get some free hits in, however be careful for when he is blocking.

    Toby and Vincent Sheen

    The place do you combat Toby and Vincent Sheen in Vampyr?: You may run into Toby and Vincent after speaking to Dorothy Crane in Whitechapel on the finish of the mission Blackmail in Whitechapel — as you permit the district to return to the hospital, there they’re. 

    The way to combat Toby and Vincent Sheen in Vampyr: Fortunately you already know how you can take care of these lads: Toby is a Priwen Guard Executioner and Vincent is a Priwen Guard Brawler, and you’ve got fought common variations of those already. The Sheen brothers are only a bit more durable, that is all. Take out Toby first, as a result of he is squishier and can keep on the again firing at you from distance. Kill him and also you solely should keep away from Vincent swinging wildly and firing his shotgun the place you had been three seconds in the past as an alternative of the place you are actually, which is not so exhausting.

    Reverend Kane

    The place do you combat Reverend Kane in Vampyr?: This dangerous boy hangs out round Whitechapel too (as a result of why would not he), on the Whitechapel Previous Highway.

    The way to combat Reverend Kane in Vampyr: Kane is the primary Priwen Chaplain you meet, which is to say he has a giant cross on a stick and can shout about God at you. Whereas hitting you with the cross could be very annoying, Kane has a secondary skill whereby he can use it to shine holy mild at you, draining your stamina should you’re caught in it. Kill the opposite Priwen Guard with Kane first, after which preserve transferring to remain behind him as a lot as attainable. Kane is immune to your vampiric skills, so you probably have a shotgun I can affirm that’s extremely efficient. In any other case it is an unlucky case of dodging out and in and touchdown hits the place you possibly can till he falls over and does not rise up once more.

    Jimmy ‘The Spark’ Barlow’

    The place do you combat Jimmy ‘The Spark’ Barlow in Vampyr?: Alright so you have gotta go to see Sean Hampton as a part of the story mission The Unhappy Saint of the East Finish. However what’s this? A giant fella with a flamethrower is obstructing your approach via a warehouse on the docks? 

    The way to combat Jimmy ‘The Spark’ Barlow’ in Vampyr: Jimmy himself is not too dangerous, however he is accompanied by two different Priwen Guard members and if you kill them two extra will drop down, so ignore your intuition to take them out first and focus on J-Dawg. It is easy sufficient to keep away from his flamethrower, as a result of he does not swing it round an excessive amount of, however he is acquired ranged protection so taking him out with a gun is a troublesome choice. Get in behind him and smash him together with your strongest melee weapon, and spam any Shadow or Blood assault skills you may have — you should utilize his two accomplices as blood baggage. In the event you’re low on blood earlier than the combat then swing round to the suitable aspect of the warehouse earlier than you enter, ‘cos there are a bunch of rats there that you should utilize to high up.


    The place do you combat Fergal in Vampyr?: In chapter three Sean Hampton sends you into the sewers beneath the docks to show he isn’t a assassin. Right here you may discover Fergal (though it is not the primary time you have met him, as he does flip as much as yell mysterious issues at you in Whitechapel, like each different vampire within the sport does).

    The way to combat Fergal in Vampyr: Fergal is a bruiser. He is immune to melee and shadow harm, and these are additionally his most popular strategies of assault i.e. he’ll hit you very exhausting and might spawn a number of shadow clones of himself to additionally hit you very exhausting. You may know when he is summoning them as a result of he’ll elevate each arms to the sky; everytime you hear a *poff!* noise behind you, dodge to the aspect or forwards to keep away from the shadow clone assaults. He’ll summon extra of those clones within the later phases of the combat. 

    Fergal additionally stomps for space assaults that harm you and knock you again, and within the second and third phases of the combat he’ll generally bounce up and crash again down elsewhere within the space. It is easy to keep away from the place he’ll drop throughout these assaults, as the bottom is marked by mild and falling particles earlier than Fergal lands himself. 

    Due to all these elements (and that he can seize you to feed and regenerate some well being), it is best to maintain at a form of mid-distance from Fergal, darting out and in to deal harm however with out draining all of your stamina. Beating Fergal, like many fights in Vampyr, is basically about persistence. 


    The place do you combat Mary in Vampyr?: On the finish of chapter three, within the mission Burying the Previous, you may chase a vampire to the cemetery the place your sister was buried. That vampire is, dun dun dun… 

    The way to combat Mary in Vampyr: Sure, it seems you unintentionally sired your sister. Mary has been stalking you and doing a little Dangerous Murders for the early a part of the sport (so should you killed Dorothy Crane, for instance, she’s going to yell at you about Dorothy Crane). Mary is very immune to blood harm, so you probably have any shadow assaults then now’s the time to bust them out. Mary’s weapon of alternative is the cross that marked her grave as a result of she and this sport are extraordinarily further, and he or she’ll swing it at you to nice impact. The most effective time to get a melee assault in on Mary is when she pauses after considered one of these swings. 

    Mary may also generally pause to vomit on the bottom. Do not be tricked into utilizing this chance to assault, as what she’s really doing is inflicting enormous rose bushes of blood to develop, which can explode and deal a whole lot of harm to you should you’re standing close to them. Hold your distance and be able to dodge.

    Midway via the combat Mary will drink the blood of the priest within the graveyard and regenerate a giant chunk of her well being.You possibly can cease this taking place by killing him your self, however this can break your no fatalities run should you’re going for a vegetarian vampire playthrough. Certainly not must you chunk Mary your self, as a result of this simply heals her too. 

    Priscilla and Roger McPherson

    The place do you combat Priscilla and Roger McPherson in Vampyr?: In chapter 4 the hoity-toity Ekon vampires within the West Finish want you to determine how their district acquired contaminated. The McPhersons reside close to the park and have just a few Skals lurking round outdoors. 

    The way to combat Priscilla and Roger McPherson in Vampyr?: Priscilla is a Blinker Skal with melee and blood harm resistance, and Roger is a Ferocious Skal with melee and ranged resistance. Actually, it’s best to actually break a sweat with these two. The one actual recommendation is to take them out one after the other to make the combat simpler for your self. 

    Eliza Mullaney

    The place do you combat Eliza Mullaney in Vampyr?: Eliza Mullaney is the opposite supply of an infection within the West Finish. She lives on a aspect avenue and there are some Guard of Priwen (together with a Chaplain) knocking on doorways on her avenue.

    The way to combat Eliza Mullaney in Vampyr: Eliza, very like the McPhersons, is a straightforward sufficient combat. She’s a Dazzled Skal with a aspect serving to of plague, so she throws up and screams at you, and is immune to supernatural assaults. She’s even simpler than the McPhersons, actually.

    Doris Fletcher

    The place do you combat Doris Fletcher in Vampyr?: Doris seems to be the principle supply of the plague within the West Finish. You could combat her in her theatre, within the mission Grand Guignol.

    The way to combat Doris Fletcher in Vampyr: Doris is usually a robust combat should you get cocky. In her first part she assaults you along with her sword, and can name down different Skals to run at you; these Skals are literally actually helpful, as they stun with one hit and might then be used to high up your blood and regen well being.

    In her second part Doris reveals the plague has given her a mutated tentacle arm, which she will use for terribly lengthy vary and 360 diploma sweeping assaults. She is going to proceed to name down Skals, however they’re going to arrive in teams of three. Doris can also be able to projectile vomiting to spectacular ranges, Exorcist fashion. Use the techniques you have constructed up with different boss fights, i.e. persistence and a whole lot of dodging, and it’s best to get via this one nice.

    Leon Augustin

    The place do you combat Leon Augustin in Vampyr?: After you have taken out Doris Fletcher, the Ascalon Membership will ask you to show Aloysius Dawson (a gross outdated capitalist afraid of dying) right into a vampire. To get to his home, you must enter some sewer tunnels within the West Finish. In these tunnels you come throughout Leon.

    The way to combat Leon Augustin in Vampyr: Preventing Leon is actually the identical as preventing Fergal within the docks sewers, however slower as a result of there’s much less room to maneuver and pillars in the best way. In the event you survived Fergal you may survive Leon: you have acquired the shadow clones, you have acquired the punches. All Fergal’s biggest hits, hyuk hyuk.

    Geoffrey McCullum

    The place do you combat Geoffrey McCullum in Vampyr?: Within the mission And By Your Sword You Die, you should return to Pembroke Hospital. There you uncover that Dr. Swansea has been kidnapped by the Guard of Priwen. Following the path leads you to a carry on the highest ground of the hospital that then takes you again right down to a secret, anti-vampire chamber Swansea had made as a precaution. 

    The way to combat Geoffrey McCullum in Vampyr: This combat may be robust. McCullum makes use of spotlights that recreate the impact of the solar, and you must keep away from them. Not even ‘I will simply stand in them actual fast to get some hits in.’ They’re going to kill you in a short time if you have not upgraded your well being bar lots, and can deal aggravated harm.

    Within the first part of the combat McCullum will make an preliminary assault along with his sword, earlier than transferring to face in a single file row of spotlights that reduce throughout the room, making melee assaults exhausting. McCullum will use his crossbow to fireside single photographs, however may also shoot a number of in a row (as much as 5 or 6) at instances, so preserve transferring and await him to pause to make use of any ranged skills you may have. When you’ve got an honest gun, like Milton’s Shotgun from Milton on the Pembroke, you possibly can knock some chunks of harm off right here fairly simply — simply be sure you change any mods so as to add extra harm to people.

    As soon as you have knocked his well being bar down a bit, McCullum will transfer to assault you along with his sword once more. Periodically he’ll change the spotlights on once more, which can cowl bigger and bigger areas of the ground because the combat continues. It’s, nevertheless, very straightforward to lure McCullum out of them the place you possibly can assault him safely. As soon as you have labored out his patterns, McCullum ain’t so robust.

    This combat will probably be a lot simpler if you should utilize your blood powers, so it is a good suggestion to refill on blood vials earlier than you begin the combat, since in any other case your solely supply of blood within the combat is McCullum himself, and like all enemies he will get progressively tougher to stun.

    Catastrophe Harriet

    The place do you combat Catastrophe Harriet in Vampyr?: Within the sewers under the docks, the place the Skals lived.

    The way to combat the Catastrophe Harriet in Vampyr: She’s a gimme. She’ll die suspiciously simply as a result of the actual boss is definitely…

    The Crimson Queen’s Avatar, the ultimate boss

    The place do you combat the Crimson Queen’s Avatar in Vampyr?: Instantly after Harriet has died. The ground turns into coated in ankle deep blood and you must splash about preventing a really tall blood woman.

    The way to combat the Crimson Queen’s Avatar in Vampyr: The Crimson Queen is immune to shadow and blood harm, and can use skills like Shadow Mist and Blood Spear towards you, so preserve a watch out. While you retreat to vary she’ll finally cost at you, and can periodically summon smaller model of herself from the blood round you. These will assault you, however will disappear fairly rapidly, and you’ll stun them in a single hit for a high up of blood (as a result of, regardless of the very fact you are standing in a pool of it, you aren’t getting to simply lap that up, apparently).  

    As soon as you have worn her well being right down to half she’ll be like, ‘This is not going in addition to I might deliberate, I have to deliver some sickles to this blood get together,’ and can then, actually, begin attacking you with a pair of enormous sickles.The much less well being she has, the extra usually she’ll use her particular assaults.

    Get in an final assault on the high of the combat and await it to recharge, and preserve transferring. In the event you’ve leveled Shadow Mist down the trail that channels blood to you, it will be actually helpful on this combat to maintain your blood ranges up and offer you continuous entry to Autophagy. The Crimson Queen cannot be shocked, so that you’re trying to do harm solely. Select a weapon that does a whole lot of it and transfer out and in, getting in a few hits the place you possibly can. She’s a troublesome outdated Queen, however you may defeat her in the long run. 

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