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    Vampyr enemies guide – all Priwen Guard and supernatural enemy types in the game

    You realize what they are saying: an unprepared vampire is a lifeless vampire, so to ensure Dr. Jonathan E. Reid, late of each the British Military and this existence, would not grow to be that vampire, we have put collectively a listing of all of the enemies you will encounter in Dontnod’s Vampyr. This does not embrace bosses although. We have a separate information for that, don’t fret. 

    Guard of Priwen 

    Are you a rabble rouser? Do you shoot first and ask questions when no matter you shot at is lifeless? Do you imagine within the supernatural, and in addition that the supernatural is evil? Then be a part of the Priwen Guard, a bunch of people who volunteer their time to patrol the streets of London in the course of the evening and who completely have a great deal of mates and would not be an enormous downer in a pub. 

    As a result of the Priwen Guard are people it means they haven’t any terrifying supernatural powers to fret about, though a few of their models use fireplace or beautiful assaults, they usually’re annoying since you’ll nearly by no means encounter one Priwen Guard alone.

    Priwen Rookie

    Priwen Rookies are the scrub degree members of the Priwen organisation, and are among the best to dispatch. Rookies use melee weapons and usually will not trouble you however may be extraordinarily annoying in numbers. Eliminating the Recruits in a bunch of Priwen early on is an efficient tactic, as one much less enemy means one much less enemy dealing injury, they usually’re faster than the larger, tank-style models and are thus tougher to dodge round. Chances are high that out of a giant group of Priwen, the Recruits and Gunners swarming round will do extra injury to you extra shortly than the Priest or Brawler stomping about after you. The one resistance they’ve, although, is ranged, so you can even deal laughably big injury together with your vampiric shadow and blood fight powers.

    Priwen Cadet

    I prefer to suppose a Cadet is a Rookie who’s survived a minimum of one evening patrolling London. Cadets are about as squishy as Rookies, however are extra skilled lads and are wielding weapons or flaming torches, which generally is a severe hazard to the well being of you, a really flammable vampire. Attempt to take them down as quickly as you may to keep away from increase that aggravated injury.

    Priwen Gunner

    Gunners have basically the identical construct and fragility as a Rookie or Cadet, besides any person has given them a firearm. Gunners fireplace off semi-auto bursts which deal excessive injury and may be exhausting to keep away from. They do, nevertheless, stand nonetheless for probably the most half, which makes them significantly prone to lots of your vampiric shadow and blood powers. On the whole, it is a good suggestion to take out the Gunners in a pack of Priwen first, as a result of continuously getting shot would not do wonders to your well being.

    Priwen Brawler

    Brawlers are the tanks of the Priwen Guard. They’re simply distinguishable as a result of they are much burlier than the opposite models, and have a sort of protect strapped to 1 arm which permits them to dam stun assaults. Brawlers are proof against bodily injury, significantly ranged, so if you happen to’re low on blood then save your particular assaults for the Brawler. He has a reasonably lethal shotgun and hits exhausting if you happen to get shut sufficient, plus will launch a charged assault at you for big injury if it hits. Quite a lot of his assaults deal aggravated injury. He’s, and I imagine this can be a technical time period, a bastard. Fortunately he is additionally extraordinarily sluggish and telegraphs his assaults very clearly, so it is simple sufficient to keep away from him. Choose off the opposite models round him first so that you will not get flanked whilst you’re taking him on, after which simply hammer away at him till he falls over. 

    Priwen Executioner

    Executioners have lengthy distance crossbows and might snipe you with them from miles away, which is particularly annoying if you happen to’re attempting to beat a hasty retreat. They may additionally toss fuel grenades in the event that they’re feeling frisky, which is very often. Very like the Gunners and Rookies, although, they’re fairly soft-skinned and can fall over fairly shortly. Of extra significance is that you would be able to run into Executioners that deal injury sorts – for instance the Fireplace Executioner can shoot burning quarrels at you. You’ll be able to take Executioners down if you happen to simply run as much as them and hit them with melee assaults repeatedly, as a result of they don’t have any melee resistance. They don’t like that.


    Chaplains are large lads who whack you round with a giant cross on a stick. They’ll additionally use the large cross on a follow stun you – that’s, drain all of your stamina if you happen to get caught in its large glowy beam – and might deal aggravated fireplace injury on account of being very holy. Their assaults are very sluggish, however if you happen to get caught in a combo of them they’ll deal lots of injury. Chaplains are additionally proof against supernatural talents. I might due to this fact describe Chaplains, generously, as being a ache within the gap and have all the time most loved dispatching them through the expedient methodology of repeatedly taking pictures them within the face. Should you run out of bullets then dodge round them and preserve hitting them on their blindside. The place’s your god now, huh?


    These are your supernatural enemies, largely abnormal residents who’ve been mutated into frenzied monsters by the flu epidemic. Don’t really feel dangerous about exterminating them. They’re past assist now. Ignore the subplot about Skals dwelling within the sewers.

    All of the monsters, except the Ekon, can flip up as ‘Unwell-Shaped‘ later within the sport, which is just like the common model however with toxic illness results layered on prime. Everytime you kill an Unwell-Shaped Skal or Beast their physique will explode, so, like Sting warned us all these years in the past, do not stand so shut.

    Rogue Skal

    The Rogue Skal is your primary unit of Skal, so kind of the equal of the Rookie. They can not take in lots of injury, however Skals hit fairly darn exhausting – or, properly, rip and tear exhausting with their monster claws and enamel. Their strikes are extra unpredictable than human foes, as they’ll leap at you to latch on and drink some blood, however a primary Skal’s resistances are bodily so that they’ll drop fairly shortly with some offensive blood or shadow assaults.

    Ferocious Skal

    Like a Skal, however extra offended, a bit more durable, and a bit harder-hitting once more. Getting caught in a chained group of assaults from a Ferocious Skal can actually do lots of injury, and is not finest suggested – to not point out that it is aggravated injury, so can actually knock down your max well being. Hold transferring and gauge your distances properly to keep away from their lunges. Skals are fairly simple to stun, but when they method with their arms held up over their face it means they’re blocking and your stun assault will not land. Use your vampire talents to regulate their motion round you and ensure you do not get pushed up in opposition to a wall.

    Dazzled Skal

    Dazzled Skals have excessive shadow resistance and can spit projectiles if you happen to get far sufficient away from them (Unwell-Shaped Dazzled Skals throw up gross plague stuff at you in alarming quantities). Not like different Skals their bodily resistance is low, which suggests these dangerous boys go can get mown down by a decided physician swinging a bone noticed comparatively shortly. 

    Blinker Skal

    Blinker Skals are, I feel, my most hated enemy in Vampyr. Because the identify signifies to these of us who love Dishonored, Blinkers can disappear in a cloud of smoke and reappear some other place, often behind you. Some boss or greater degree Blinkers will spawn an attacking shadow of themselves on the similar time. Primarily, whenever you see a Blinker transfer, you progress too, thus avoiding the assault that comes out of nowhere once they reappear. Unwell-Shaped Blinkers are even worse as a result of they will depart a cloud of poisonous fuel within the space that they disappeared from, which is beautiful.

    Beautiful a Blinker may be troublesome, as if you happen to land the stun assault simply as they blink then it would not rely, and even once they’re not blinking they transfer round lots. Coagulation is a very good energy to make use of in opposition to Blinkers, as a result of it forces them to carry nonetheless for one rattling second so you may truly hit them; Shadow Mist is much less good as a result of they will in all probability not keep in vary of it lengthy sufficient to take any injury, making it a wasted use.


    Beasts do not flip up typically however there’s a minimum of one hanging round every district and generally the sport will throw one at you in scripted fights to spice issues up. Beasts principally appear to be werewolves however they appear to be one other strand of the mutation. They swing slowly however transfer quick, and all their assaults deal aggravated injury. They chain swings collectively after which relaxation after ending the assault, which suggests they’re simple to dodge round and hit as soon as they’ve drained themselves out. The important thing with these lads is to ensure you do not run out of stamina whilst you’re standing subsequent to them, as a result of then you may’t dodge away. Later within the sport you may encounter Shadow or Unwell-Shaped Beasts, and relying on what selection you make some residents may need unlucky mutational mishaps too…


    Ekon flip up later within the sport, as soon as you’ve got reached the West Finish, and are available two primary flavours: Blood Ekon and Shadow Ekon. The title precisely describes each the powers that they will use on you and the resistances they’ve (i.e. the Blood Ekon will chuck Bloodspears all over the place and resist blood injury). As a bonus, they flail a sword round as a result of they’re gents and it hurts rather a lot when it hits. Ekon may be wiley lads to take down, as a result of they’ve the identical velocity that you simply do – which suggests they will additionally sustain with you if you happen to determined to only run previous them. Please let me introduce you to my outdated good friend the shotgun as a ruthlessly environment friendly methodology of assault in opposition to Ekon. It’s also possible to drag an Ekon into a bunch of Priwen guard or vice versa so all of them get distracted combating one another, and you’ll skip merrily away into the darkness.

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