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    Resident Evil 2 boss guide: How to beat G and the Tyrant

    Resident Evil 2 is out at the moment, and in case you have been questioning, it’s a stonking effort. In actual fact, I’d say it’s in all probability higher than the unique, although the 1998 model will all the time have a particular place in my inside 14-year-old’s coronary heart.

    Whereas the brand new Resi 2 adjustments various issues, one factor it has in widespread with the PSOne model is the satisfying and ugly boss battles. The perpetually mutating ‘G’ is again in all its grotesque glory, and it’s these encounters that make up the spine of Resi 2’s ammo-draining scraps. 

    In all honesty, they’re not an excessive amount of of an issue. Nevertheless, in the event you don’t have the suitable weapons or aren’t clued in on how the lumbering bio-weapons behave, you could possibly end up in a little bit of a pickle. That’s why I’m right here, providing a couple of useful recommendations on deal with Raccoon Metropolis’s most fearsome foes and make it out of the doomed metropolis in a single piece.

    G1 – Hidden Facility, R.P.D.

    I’m not fairly certain what kind of coaching routine G has, however clearly it’s a bit wonky. I imply, take a look at the scale of that higher arm; spectacular delts, certain, however then his different one seems puny by comparability. Anyway, his power can’t be understated, as he’s capable of wield an enormous pipe to clobber you with. Stumbling round like a bloke who’s simply been kicked out of Popworld at 3.00am, G’s first type will come after you within the labyrinthine corridors of the ability room within the depths of the R.P.D.

    He’s powerful, however you’ll be able to simply put him on his arse if you understand a couple of methods. The primary is that he’s slower than you – Leon and Claire can outrun him, so preserve that in thoughts. Secondly, his eyeball is his weak level, so purpose for that – use the grenade launcher as Claire and the shotgun while you play as Leon. You’ll be able to stun G in the event you shoot him within the head, though your greatest wager is to easily preserve your distance and goal the attention as soon as it’s uncovered. 

    To be truthful, in the event you’re a shit-hot purpose, you’ll be able to beat G with an everyday handgun, as he doesn’t take a big quantity of harm earlier than dropping by the wayside. Maintain a knife or hand grenade useful to counter his grabs, too. 

    G2 – Sewers

    You’ve in all probability heard the phrase that ‘two heads are higher than one,’ proper? Properly, G has taken this actually, rising an additional skull for good measure. Your second ruck with the G-man takes place within the sewers. He chases you onto a platform the place you’ll each be competing for the restricted area out there. Bear in mind his impossibly big arm? Properly, that’s now received an enormous claw on it, which he’ll use to nice impact in the event you aren’t cautious. G can’t be defeated right here by typical means; you’ll should keep away from him and use that large container to knock him off the platform. 

    It’s simpler stated than achieved, although. G’s second type is a bit more unpredictable than earlier than, and mixed with the small platform, generally is a powerful buyer to dodge. Apart from swinging his claw-hand round manically, he additionally performs a leaping assault that causes big harm. Run previous him on his non-clawed facet when he lurches at you to keep away from it. It’s a must to whack him twice with the container to see him off, though that exact same entice can clobber you in the event you’re not cautious – it’s sport over if it does. 

    To beat him, you’ll should first hit the button to ship the container off to the left, then hit it once more to carry it again. You solely have a short 10-15 second window or so to lure him into the suitable spot earlier than the container comes again; if he grabs you, it’ll be over earlier than you could have an opportunity to maneuver out of the best way. The very best methodology is to lure him over to the acute left, lob a flash grenade at him, then dart to security. When you don’t have a flash bomb, you then’ll should dodge him on the final minute and leg it again over to the opposite facet. Two hits, and he’s toast.

    G3 – Nest (Umbrella Lab)

    By this level, you had higher hope you’ve been hoarding these acid and magnum rounds, as you’re going to wish them. The third mutation of G is a beast; a four-armed killing machine that may not solely end you in a single blow, however is whole sponge with regards to absorbing harm. Apart from slicing you to ribbons, he’ll additionally try and fling large cylinders at you; this assault is telegraphed, however be sure to duck and canopy in one of many many alcoves to keep away from it. Your final aim is to snuff out all of his eyeball-like tumors, situated on his leg, shoulder, and again. The latter will be tough, which is why it’s good to pop it while he’s busy hauling an enormous cylinder, inflicting him to drop it.

    When you’ve handled all of his tumors, he’ll expose his fundamental weak level – a mass assortment of eyeballs on his chest. When this occurs, get in shut and unload along with your strongest weapon – the grenade launcher with Claire and magnum with Leon. After this, he’ll change up techniques a bit. G will change into extra aggressive; be careful when he briefly goes down on all fours, as he’ll leap at you for a devastating assault. Transfer previous him on his proper facet as quickly as you see this coming. Ultimately, G will expose his weak level from right here on out, so preserve plugging away at him when this occurs and he’ll ultimately hand over the ghost.

    G4 – Practice Platform (Claire A solely) 

    To not be confused with the X-Issue act of the identical title (who, to be truthful, did a cracking model of Bohemian Rhapsody), G4 isn’t even remotely human anymore. In actual fact, I’m unsure what I’d describe him as. He kinda seems canine-like, with a bunch of eyeball tumors the place his mouth needs to be. However yeah, anyway, that’s the path try to be pointing your gun. Thankfully, the sport is beneficiant sufficient to present you a gatling gun simply previous to the combat (you did decide it up, proper?), so strap it on, and fake you’re that bloke from that one scene in Predator. One factor you want to concentrate on is when G retreats up the facet of the shaft; goal him instantly when this occurs and also you’ll knock him off, permitting you to inflict further harm. When you don’t, he’ll climb up, earlier than leaping off in an try and make you a Claire sandwich.

    Ultimately you’ll in all probability run out of gatling gun ammo, so change to your grenade launcher and provides him an acid bathtub. You’ll know you’ve inflicted some crucial harm as G4’s mobility will lower to the purpose the place he’ll crawl alongside the ground. At this level, you’ll be able to end him off simply sufficient, supplied you retain your distance. There’s a time restrict to this combat, although, so be sure to shake a leg.

    Tyrant – Elevator Earlier than Practice (aka Mr. X – Leon solely)

    Whereas his earlier incarnation was relentless, however a bit plodding, X is now quicker, deadlier, and a bit bit extra pissed off than earlier than. Try that muscle mass; the man’s clearly been juicing. Your first, and solely, activity right here is to wreck him sufficient so that you simply’re capable of purchase a brand new weapon, which is used to complete the job. Maintain your distance, dodge when he closes in, and fill him stuffed with .50EA rounds out of your meaty magnum. Failing that, the Shotgun will do the trick, though you’ll must be shut for it to inflict most harm.

    Maintain hammering away and a well-known face will drop off the rocket launcher, which is your key to victory. As soon as the rocket launcher is in your fingers, you’ll solely want one shot to obliterate your stalker into fleshy chunks. 

    G5 – Practice (Leon and Claire B / 2nd Run solely)

    This monstrosity is barely encountered within the 2nd Run mode, and serves as the ultimate boss of Resi 2. And clearly, Birkin’s let himself go. The entire combat takes place contained in the confines of a practice automotive, with G5’s appreciable bulk blocking any technique of escape – the door behind you is locked, too. The creature will lumber in direction of you, till you’ve nowhere left to run, and gobble you down in a single chunk. You’ll must savage the boss utilizing your strongest weapons, as rapidly as attainable. As Claire, use the grenade launcher, and as Leon, use both the magnum or the shotgun.  Be sure to’ve nonetheless received some ammo left. Leon has a better job than Claire, thoughts, as he’ll nonetheless have the rocket launcher (you solely wanted one shot to kill the earlier boss, in spite of everything). When you do nonetheless have some gatling gun ammo left, then plump for that earlier than switching to your grenade launcher. After consuming sufficient harm, G5 will expose an enormous eyeball in his gaping maw, which it is best to assault in full drive. When you rating sufficient hits, you’ll defeat him; in the event you don’t, you’re a fleshy burrito. ‘Nuff stated. 

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